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Today we had a great little visitor named moki he's a great little puppy his owners are a local couple who help lost dogs buy adopting them so we want to help them grow their company visit there website if your looking for power washing Columbus service


Today we had a special visitor. Her name is lily and her owner is the CEO of First Floor Remodeling he brings her every month to be pampered she is a German shorthaired pointer and she is so cute!

Buckeye pet grooming delivers five star quality grooming services for all Columbus Ohio pets. We understand that our pets are part of our family's and should be treated in that manner providing the right care for your pet is very important and sometimes it can be difficult so we are here to help. We provide a wide variety of services anything from a nail trimming to  deshedding. We are currently working on a mobile grooming service for 2016.

drying french bulldog off with a towel after bath


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Persian cat in the salon of a veterinary clinic


The staff a buckeye pet grooming love to take photos of all the work we do


woman combing British cat on white background

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